Ora Welcome to our website! Here you can learn about and be part of the vision God has given to us. We support the work of the Bible translation. We have more than 400 years having the Scriptures in Spanish and we must do something for those who don’t have them. God is calling us to change this generation!


Katy was testing to cook banana cake on tuna tin on fire for the next cooking class.

Please pray for Katy as she is going to do a last cooking class with ladies from a village nearby, the idea is also to train a friend from Mexico that she can continue with the classes. Pray for strength for Katy and her friend and also that the devotions can be a blessing and that the ladies can receive food for their bodies and also for their souls.

The clock is my dictator, I shall not rest. It makes me lie down only when exhausted It leads me into deep depression, it hounds my soul It leads me in circles of frenzy for activities sake. Even though I run frantically from task to task I will never get it all done, for my ‘ideal’ is with me. Deadlines and my need for approval they drive me. They demand performance from me,  beyond the limits of my schedule. They anoint my head with migraines, my inbox overflows, Surely fatigue and time pressure shall follow me  all the days of my life And I will dwell in the house of frustration for ever.

Last December I finish the Bible study I was running, it was actually more like a workshop about how to reach and disciple people. We finish with a dinner where we share all that we have learnt. The people from the neighbored village were very grateful for what they have learn and that we open our house for them. Of course they also brought some of their delicious food to share with us.

Katy stop her Bible study during school break, her Bible study is oriented to ladies which English is their second language. It is a time to pray for each other and share their struggles. There are a couple of American ladies but they help and support the others. They started again the study at the end of January.

From left to right:
Korea, Phillipines, Costa Rica, Korea, USA, USA, Austria.

One of the jobs that gave me lots of work was one of the organization computers that were infected with ransomware. In this case the virus is caught by a link in an email or a normal website that has been hacked. When the hacker gain access to the computer it encrypt important files on the computer and leave a file specifying the payment to get the key to decrypt the files, the payment should be done in bitcoins which is the new electronic money, but hard to get in big amounts. It is also probably that even we pay we never get the key back.
Then we started to clean the computer and decrypt the files. After some days of researching and test we realize that we can’t decrypt the files, we just clean the computer and give up on the encrypted files.

“Once again Jesus went out beside the lake. A large crowd came to him, and he began to teach them.”
Mark 2:13

I finished the end of 2015 teaching two courses. First Paratext, that is the program used for Bible translation and also Initial Skills course that is mainly teaching English and basic computer to the nationals who are going to start a Bible translation in their own languages (I only teach the computer class, not English).

Those are very important courses that they can have the tools to work on their translation and not depend on us.

On September 16 we celebrate 40 years of independence in PNG. PNG got his independence from Australia in 1975.
There were lots of celebrations around the country, one of those was closer to the Yonky Lake.
Together with my bicycle group we ride to Yonki as part of the adventure. It was a very long ride for us, 45Km and we spent 4.5 hours to arrive. Once there we could see people from different villages with painted faces doing their singsing (traditional dances) with their kundu (traditional drums) and other instruments.

Here one photo of traditional dances

IMG_4224 small


You can also see the families dressed with the colors of the PNG flag.

IMG_4255 small


An independence face

IMG_4187 small



DSC00420Two weeks ago Katy restart her cooking class
She is teaching how to prepare food from the PNG gardens in different and healthy ways since the most people here usually only boil food and eat it.
Katy teaches a Bible study while the food is cooking.

I’m doing Helpdesk and Webmaster as my main service, on the helpdesk side I set up, maintain and fix computers in all the different flavours. There is a growing usage of Mac and Linux computers and I’m the one who troubleshoot more of them.
About the websites they are pretty stable and most of the job is giving permissions to new people to edit or train them on the use of the different systems.
My new job is Language Software Support, there used to be one person in charge of this but since he have to suddenly leave for personal reasons there was a great need for help on this area and I volunteer to do it.
All this three have keeping me very busy.

IMG_3949In the Resurrection Sunday in April, we also visited another village called Onamuna.
We have good friends there that we wanted to visit and also we want to remind them the what Easter is all about.
We took an Isai’s Bible that has only pictures and not words, we wanted to tell the kids the stories in Tok Pisin but we realise that the kids and some of the women don’t understand Tok Pisin very good, only Gadsup, their own language. Then we told the stories to a youth leader and he start saying the stories in Gadsup and the eyes of the kids were amazingly open and they have big smiles in their faces as they hear the stories.

There is also an Android App that display the Bible at the same time you can listen to it.
We set up that app on Gadsup language in one phone and attach a speaker and people were listening the book of Ruth in their own language.
They have never hear it before.

In February we went to Aitape to help with the computer setup of the Paratext course
We woke up very early, took the Kodiak (new missionary plane) then two stops to different villages and one stop in Wewak to re-fuel and then we arrive to Tadji airstrip, we went on shopping, filled up the truck and went in first class for two hours to Arop, where the Aitape project is running.


Then I spent about the first three days cloning and setting up the computers.

Then the translators arrive and I continue with changes, updates and improving the system while the Paratext course was running.


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